Our History

Sakarlal Balabhai & Company Ltd.(SBL) began operations in 1946,a year before India's Independence, as a cotton yarn manufacturing & trading company from Ahmedabad. Owning several mills and other businesses related to textile industry the company gradually moved on to real estate business.

Currently the company is into land trading and development across many states & cities in India.

Our Mission

To engage in the business of Real Estate Development including developing of land, constructing and marketing of the same. The intention being serving the society and community in general with total dedication, commitment and focused purpose while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

Sakarlal Balabhai had a fare share in various philanthropic purposes too having founded Ahmedabad's first girls college B D College in 1956.

What Makes Us Different

To complete our mission we have introduced Green City Projects.

Green City is the product of SBL started with the vision for development of affordable plotting and homes for the masses and following a greater mission of "HOME FOR ALL "

The company is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and is listed in Ahmedabad Stock Exchange.